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Let us help you to find the best hospitals, doctors, dentists and labs in Kerala. Our user-friendly website helps you to find quality and affordable healthcare service providers for you and family.

Book Appointments

Our intuitive platform can now allow the business listing owners to accept appointments using the built-in simple appointment booking feature that takes no time to set up.

Advanced Multi-Criteria Ratings

Reviews & ratings is a core feature of our platform. It will allow the patients to really share their experience with doctors, dentists, etc.

Advanced User Dashboard

Each business listing owner gets the most powerful and user-centered dashboard to get insightful data on their business performance to help double their revenue by getting daily, weekly and monthly stats of user views, customer leads, and custom reviews.

Premium and Free Plans

The basic plan is free for all business listings. Powerful features such as Appointment Booking are offered as part of paid flexible plans without any hidden costs.

Secured Checkout and Payment Gateway

Built-in checkout system designed for business listing owners to purchase paid plans during new listing submission or upgrade listings. Users can even start ads campaigns with instant checkout. Highly secured payment processing by PayPal.

Dynamic Built-in Search and Filter

Dynamic IntelliSense search system giving users instant live suggestions for keywords, categories, listing names, and locations.
The most advanced and dynamic built-in filtering system helps users to instantly filter search results, and find exactly what they needed. Users can easily narrow the search with price group, open now, near me and features.

Internal Messaging

The internal messaging system that allows business owners to receive and reply messages directly within the user-dashboard when a lead is generated via a lead form on the listing details page.